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News 2019

Opening the curtain of the land of the pharaohs!

Every year, AHK LLC sends its best employees in the field of sales of ADOB microfertilizers to different countries of the world. In 2019, the choice fell on Egypt - the country of the pharaohs.

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The best Polish fertilizer for the Ukrainian farmer!

From October 20 to 23, a traditional trip to Poland to the main factory of the ADOB company took place.

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Live and learn!

Do not carry knowledge behind! So says the old folk wisdom. The Agrarian Chemical Company pays special attention to the training of its employees.

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BASF Field Day in Rivne

Agricultural Chemical Company LLC took part in the field day, which was held on the basis of the Krupets agricultural corporation

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AHC - again in the Poltava region!

The agrarian and chemical company again held a field day in the Poltava region. This event took place on 08/13/2019 in the Chutovsky district on the basis of the farm of Grekov M.N.

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ADOB - the Power of Science

The next, traditional, trip of representatives of the leading holdings of Ukraine to the ADOB plant has come to the end. As you already understood, such trips AHK jointly with ADOB conducts annually.

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Continuing the good traditions!

That was the day of the BASF field in Krupts, Rivne region. This is the first arena with which the cooperation of ADOB and BASF began on the territory of Ukraine.

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Bayer - there is no limit to perfection!

In order to express the impression of the field day Bayer, Kamenka, Ternopil region, I am afraid just a few words. It is necessary to feel, it was necessary to breathe this air, to bathe in the atmosphere of a holiday

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The health of people is the prerogative of advanced companies!

And agro Arena Bayer South took up the baton of the joint field days. The AHK team moved from Odessa to Nikolaev and began preparations for the field day with another of its strategic partners, Bayer.

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Black Sea - a zone of risky farming

On May 23, the season of BASF field days is open for LLC AHK, as the exclusive distributor of VKP "ADOB". This event took place in the Odessa region, Ovidiopolsky district, p. Dalnik. There is located Agrocenter BASF in the southern region.

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Innovation Management Team

Such a high-profile name has one of our best partners, who conducted weekly training for its agronomic service in the cities of Sumy and Chernihiv.

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From September 2018, the Company continues to successfully develop its business already under the name of LLC Agrarian-Chemical Company

Truth is born in controversy!

The Ukrainian Agrarian-Chemical Company conducted an annual training seminar for its sales specialists. Managers have shown deep interest in the material being taught. Representatives of world leaders such as Bayer, Basf, Syngenta, and other companies presented their innovations in the field of agricultural chemistry, seed production and plant nutrition.

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Newest technologies on Chernihiv region.

On September 14, 2018, the Ukrainian Agrarian and Chemical Company Ltd. organized a field day entitled "Technological aspects of growing corn and sunflower in agro-climatic conditions of Chernihiv region" on the basis of the farm of "Vimal-Agro", near the village of Vibla Kulikovo district.

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Securing the passed material!

On the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the auspices of LLC "Ukrainian Agrarian Chemical Company" , farmers of Poltava, met again to consolidate the knowledge gained on the first day of the field in Kremenchug.

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Feast of farmers in Poltava!

August 15, in the village of Nedogarki, Kremenchug district, on the basis of the economy of the PSP "Dneprovskie Zori", another field day was held, which was held by the Ukrainian Agrarian-Chemical Company.

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UAHK - at the bottom of the field Sozonovka!

In Kirovograd region, Field Day "Features of harvesting and preparation for storage of grain crops in conditions of 2018" took place.

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UAHK takes Basfoliary and Sol to the markets of Eastern Ukraine!

LLC "UAHK" presented the company ADOB to AA Bayer East. The final accord of the Bayer field days in which the company ADOB took part was held in the Kharkov region.

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Do with us, do as we do, do better than us!

That's one of the best days of the Bayer AA field. A brilliant organization was appreciated by all participants and partners.

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What do we do best?

This is the day of the Baira AA South Field, where for the second year in a row the VKP "ADOB" takes part in the person of its exclusive representative LLC "UAHK"

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Grain Technologies 2018

February 21, 2018 - February 23, 2018 an exhibition "Grain Technologies" was held - a powerful agro-industrial forum, which occupies a leading place in the agroindustrial complex of Ukraine as a complex of innovative solutions at various stages of production, storage, processing and transportation of agricultural crops.

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Seminar of UAHK - Belyaevka 2018

Quality seeds and ways to protect plants - a pledge of a high yield

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The final of the seminars of UAHK 2018

Every year, Ukrainian farmers face new challenges - unfavorable weather conditions, the spread of diseases and pests, a fall in yields for a number of crops, etc. All these problems require effective solutions.

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Marathon of the "UAHK" seminars 2018

Have not yet managed to clean the New Year tables and did not stop ringing glasses, as on January 15, 2018, the director of UAHK, Baraban V.N., launched a marathon of seminars that will be held in 18 different places in our homeland - Ukraine.

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Necessity of foliar top dressing and practical methods for measuring Ph soil

Always recommending one or another technology of growing up field crops, in addition to the biological peculiarities of the culture itself, the pH of the soil is equally important.

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World gardening experience!

An important event was November 29, 2017. The well-known gardening specialist of ADOB, Dr. Michał Szklarz.

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Agrochemical service UAHK - scientific approach and practical application!

Of great importance in research work, LLC UAHK pays field trials of ADOB preparations.

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BASF seminar in Zhytomyr

Trial ball joint seminars and Adobe BASF in Ukraine was put into operation in Zhitomir!

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UAHK microfertilizer Adobe introduced at the forum "Grain Technology 2017"!

Grain Technology - the largest agricultural forum, which occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian agricultural industry as a set of innovative solutions at different stages of production, storage, processing and transportation of grains, legumes, cereals and oilseeds.

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Zhitomir Seminar

The company "UAHK" marks the onset of a new season presentation of new products and technologies from leading manufacturers. 2 February 2017 producers Zhytomyr region received excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the best global standards and solutions in the field of seed production, plant protection and micronutrients.

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Rape top dressing fertilizers ADOB fall

Winter rape today remains one of the most important and most profitable crops in the agricultural production of the country. However, significant freezing winter rape crops recently put many farmers a choice: whether to grow the crop, which needs istotnrape s spending on technology?

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The record harvest in the demonstration field in chickpea Gradenitsah

"UAHK" The company demonstrated the power scheme, which over the years have proven effective for foliar application crops.

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European standards adobe Volyn an example of the company

June 24 at the group of companies "Vilia-Trade" held a Field Day 2016.

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Field Day 2016 BASF Novograd Volyn region

June 7, in the village of the Open Novograd Volyn region, on the basis of BASF demotsentr "Agro Union" held a Field Day.

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BASF Field Day 2016 in Rivne region

On the basis of known in Rivne Agrocorporation "Krupets" On June 8, a Field Day, which was invited to farm managers and specialists in a number of business units of the Rivne, Volyn and Lviv regions.

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Eleven taboo "Orator"

More has run two seminars in Vinnitsa and Koziatyn.

Regional managers Swan Alexander and Peter Lantukh Fedoseevich shown themselves excellent organizers that allowed for the event at a high level.

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Autumn Marathon seminars

Ukrainian agro-chemical company held a marathon of seminars for agricultural sector professionals throughout Ukraine.

From East to West, from North to South for almost 30 days, the representatives of the firm traveled by our country.

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Top dressing of winter wheat and barley in the fall. Novomyrhorod 10.07.2015 year.

In Novomirgorod Kirovograd region held a seminar on the use of Adobe Microfertilizers, which has already become traditional.

Chairman Novomirgorod representation Ukrainian agro-chemical company, foal Vasily Mikhailovich, together with the heads of the district and a representative of PKP "Adobe" Vasyuhno Sergey Nikolayevich

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Another forum AGROEXPO in Kirovograd.

From 1 to 3 October in Kirovograd National Agricultural Exhibition was held with field demonstration of techniques and technologies "AgroExpo".

The event was attended by 365 companies, of which the exhibition occupied a total area of 47,000 m². The total number of visitors for three days the exhibition was more than 18 000 people.

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The Ministry of Agriculture warns Poland - Basfoliary useful for plant health!

This motto is the best resonates with UAHK approach in spreading the use of technology Adobe micronutrients.

This time, at the bottom of the field "Zvinyach" (Ternopil region, Chortkivsky district,. Zvinyach) farmers were represented by the use of complex technology microfertilizers Basfoliar 36 Extra on sugar beet.

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Clash of the Titans on BASF fields.

The competition - that's a given, you have to consider any business. Competition for the final buyer in the market happens all the time, it uses all possible tools and resources of the company.

A company that does not conduct competitive struggle, is not opposed to competitors, it is doomed to a loss of market share. UAHK well I learned this truth and once again boldly joined battle with rival firms.

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Sampling. The first results of effective samples.

Sampling - this is quite an old marketing tool.

Its essence lies in the fact that the company UAHK, in this case, offers to potential customers who are interested in the application of micronutrients, but have not yet decided on the supplier, on trial Adobe products: Basfoliary and Salts.

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BASF is the participation and UAHK ADOB Field Day held at Khmelnytskyi.

On Tuesday, June 9, of BASF group had a field day in the (p. Orynin, Kamenetz-Podolsk district of Khmelnitsky region).

On this day, about 150 participants - managers and agronomists of agricultural companies, representatives of seed companies and research institutions - had the opportunity to see with their own eyes the results of the use of BASF and ADOB innovative products.

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Ukrainian Agrarian - Chemical company at the exhibition "Agro 2015".

In the capital on June 3-6, held XXVII International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO-2015", which brought together more than 1,100 participants from 14 countries.

Exhibition "Agro" is the largest agro-industrial show of Eastern Europe and the most important national events in the Ukrainian agricultural industry. This year it gathered 1,100 participants from 14 countries.

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From 2015, "Ukrainian agro-chemical company" - the official representative of the control panel "Adobe" in Ukraine.

Production and Consulting PKP "Adobe" company (PPC ADOB), Poland, has been manufacturing and micronutrients is inorganic chemicals for 23 years for use in agriculture. One of the main activities of the "Adobe" Company - production of liquid complex micronutrients called Basfoliar, manufactured by BASF AG license (Germany). Today, the company PKP "Adobe" offers a wide range of micronutrient fertilizers (including helaktnyh in IDHA form), manufactured according to technologies developed by its own research and development department, in direct cooperation with BAYER AG (Germany).

Microfertilizers - mandatory plant support

Ukraine has the third most fertile land, so more than 60% is used for cultivation of agricultural crops.

Permanent operation of farmland leads to soil depletion. For optimal growth of plants and produce decent crops needed constant replenishment of soil.


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